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Penis Stretcher

Do you want to buy an effective penis extender in order to enlarge your penis easily and gradually over time? Congratulations, because you have come to right place. Penis stretcher or extender is the only solution to curved penis (or peyronies). There are lots of misconceptions about penis enlargement through male enlargement device on the internet. Some ignorantly said it simply does not work at all concluding that it’s a scam. However, the truth is that it works and works very well to make the penis bigger and also cures erectile dysfunction in the process among others.

The Problem of Erectile Dysfunction, Micro Penis And Curved Penis

Almost two-third of men around the world has experienced or is experiencing erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a health condition where the penis does not function the way it should. Likewise, studies have shown that a substantial percentage of men population in the United States alone is suffering from what is called Micro Penis. Micro-penis is referred to penis that is less the average size of a typical penis. An average penis about 6’’ in length on full erection


Curved Penis is another penile problem faced by lots of men all over the world. When a penis is extremely curved in shape, it makes it appear smaller in size. Studies have shown that this affects the sexual experience of those suffering from it. An effective solution to these penile problematic conditions is an efficient penis extender.  A penis stretcher will make your penis bigger in length and girth, effectively straightens curved penis and cure erectile dysfunction

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The Science Behind Penis Enlargement Through a Penis Extension Device

Penis enlargement through a penis extender is so easy to do once you understand the process. Enlarging the penis through penis stretcher can be achieved through a process known as traction. It was first discovered and proven scientifically, clinically and medically by a medical doctor Jorn Ege Siana M.D. of Denmark in 1994.

The device supply steady and constant traction along the Copora Cavernosa (Copora Cavernosa is the part of the penis where blood are held during erection). Copora Cavernosa becomes larger as a result of cell breakings and re-building through the process of traction. A bigger Copora Cavernosa means bigger erections

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You will be required to wear or attach the male enlargement device to your penis about 6 hours daily in order to see results as quick as possible. When you fasten it to your penis, you are at liberty to adjust the screw that comes with the penis extension device. I will advice you on how to use it before the end of this article.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender

sizegenetics extenderWhy SizeGenetics extender? The truth is that there are lots of penis stretchers in the market available for people who are interested to buy, however, not all of these male extension devices are good, efficient and effective. There are lots of complains about majority of these penis stretchers. A look at forums and blogs clearly shows this! Notwithstanding, SizeGenetics extender stands out among the rest, most especially because of some of it exclusive unique features

Is it possible to increase the length and girth of penis through a penis extender? Yes, it is possible and more excellently and easily with SizeGenetics extender. As said earlier, penis enlargement through penis stretchers is both scientifically and medically proven.

Features Of SizeGenetics Extender

SizeGenetics Extender is a medical type 1 device made of highest quality materials and medically endorsed by penis enlargement surgeons.

Comfort of Use

One of the uniqueness of SizeGenetics extender is its ease of use and comfort. The penis stretcher has the 58 way Ultimate System coupled with a padded rubber ‘comfort strap’ which is designed not to cut off the flow of blood into the penis. You can wear the penis extender 58 different ways with ease and comfort. The extender is packaged so discretely that any man can wear it comfortably under the pant either at home, on bed or even at the place of work (if the nature of the work is not too physically demanding)

Penis stretcher


SizeGenetics extender is shipped FREE worldwide. This means no additional fees will be collected from you after your order is complete. You can order SizeGenetics extender through Paypal, Mastercard, Visacard, Discover/Amex, mail and through Check or Postal order. There are other accepted payment methods through which you can get the penis extender. Your package will be shipped to your discreetly with your privacy intact.

Customer Support

The customer support is excellent. Your emails are attended to promptly without delay. Questions as regards how to use the male enlargement extender are answered professionally to satisfaction.


The Ultimate System goes for $398.95

The Basic Package with Device only goes for $349.95

The Starter Edition with basic device without any extras goes for $199.95

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Expected Results

If you make use of SizeGenetics extender for at least 6 hours a day, you stand the chance to increase the size of your penis up to 21/2-3’’ within the periods of 8-9 months.

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Money Back Guaranteed

Size Genetics extender offer 6 month money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. Unlike other brands of penis extenders, SizeGenetics penis stretcher makes returning of the product easy so you do not need to worry about how the penis extension device will be returned if you do not want it again. The manufacturer of the extender is so confident it will work.

Step By Step How to Use A Penis Enlargement Device

1)    The first step is to prepare your penis before using the penis extension gadget. Simply wrap the frenulum with a piece of cloth. This protects it from rubbing on the penis stretcher cradle

2)    Make sure the penis extender stay in place by attaching one side of the extender strap to the extender cradle

3)    Then put the penis into the extender by grabbing the manhood below the glans and pulling the glans to the sides of the cradle of the extender. After this, gently slide the strap over the penis where you feel is comfortable

4)    Secure the straps tightly by putting the strap on the side of the cradle through it opening.

5)    Ensure you retighten the straps very well on each side. Please do this one at a time. This helps the glans not to slip from the strap and to ensure it fits tight

6)    What you will do next is to adjust the tension rods to its comfortable stretch.

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Possible Dangers Of Penis Extenders

The following are dangers of making use of a penis stretching device

i)    Buying Poorly Packaged Penis Enlargement Device

Ensure you buy penis extender package from a reputable store online. This is because fake or poorly manufactured penis stretcher can actually cause injuries and damages to your penis.

ii)    Temptation Of Overstretching For Faster Results

Attaching the extender more than normal or stipulated period of hours daily in a bit to fast-track results can cause injuries to your penis. Consistency and focus is the key with penis enlargement.


SizeGenetics Penis stretcher is guaranteed to make your manhood bigger naturally only if you give it a trial. Order SizeGenetic Here Or click theimage below now

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